Influence Your MP

We believe in democracy in action and citizen advocates are able to make a global impact by engaging locally. As a citizen or resident of Canada you are extremely powerful in your ability to influence and inform your MP. Your MP works for you after all! In engaging with your MP, you could be influencing much larger funding choices or policy decisions.

So how do you start? It’s as simple as saying hello! Here are some resources to support you:

  1. Who is your MP?
  2. Webinar Recordings:
    1. MP Engagement (getting a meeting) – September 2018
    2. MP Engagement (in a meeting, elevator pitch, Twitter) – May 2019
  3. Tips to write to your MP and MP letter/email layout sample
  4. Tips for a successful MP meeting and MP Meeting Planning Form
  5. Online form to report back MP Engagement
  6. Decide how to engage with your MP based on this month’s action!
  7. Communicating a message powerfully (EPIC and storytelling)
  8. Review our Budget Toolkit
  9. Consults the latest actions taken so far by our volunteers
  10. View the video on how to call your MP:

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