Letters to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor is a great way to shed some light on a campaign issue, influence policymakers, and take action.

Tips for getting your letter to the Editor published

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Letters to the Editor - English

Select Name Via email Via web Area Language
24 Hours Calgary (2012) [email protected] Alberta English
24 Hours Edmonton (2012) [email protected] Alberta English
24 Hours Vancouver (2012) British Columbia English
24h de Montréal [email protected] Quebec French
Abbotsford News [email protected] British Columbia English
Accès Laurentides [email protected] Quebec French
Advertiser (Exploits Valley) Newfoundland English
Alternatives International [email protected] Quebec French
Amherst Daily News [email protected] Nova Scotia English
Athabasca Advocate [email protected]
British Columbia English
Au fil de La Boyer de Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse [email protected] Quebec French
Aurora Banner [email protected]
Ontario English
Aurora, The (weekly paper, Labrador West) Newfoundland English
Autour de l'Île de Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans [email protected] Quebec French
Barrhaven Independent [email protected]
Ontario English
Beacon, The (Gander) Newfoundland English
Beauce Media [email protected] Quebec French
Beauport Express [email protected] Quebec French
Bonjour Ontario [email protected] Ontario French
Bowen Island Undercurrent [email protected] British Columbia English
Bradford West Gwillimbury Topic Ontario English
Burnaby News Leader [email protected]
British Columbia English
Calgary Herald [email protected] Alberta English
Calgary Sun Alberta English
CanadaEast.com New Brunswick English
Canadian Business [email protected] National English
Cape Breton Post [email protected] Nova Scotia English
Chapleau Express [email protected] Quebec French
Charlesbourg Express, L'Actuel [email protected] Quebec French
Charlottetown Guardian [email protected] Prince Edward Island English
Charter, The (Placentia) Newfoundland English
Chatham Daily News Ontario English
Chronicle Herald [email protected] Nova Scotia English
Cités Nouvelle [email protected] Quebec French
Coaster (Harbour Breton) Newfoundland English
Contact (Témiscaming) [email protected] Quebec French
Cornwall Standard-Freeholder Ontario English
Coup d'œil (Napierville) [email protected] Quebec French
Coup d'œil sur Saint-Marcel [email protected] Quebec French
Courrier Frontenac [email protected] Ontario French
D'un lac à l'autre [email protected] Quebec French
Daily Herald Tribune-Grande Prairie Alberta English
Droit de Parole [email protected] Quebec French
Échos Montréal [email protected] Quebec French
Edmonton Journal [email protected] Alberta English
Edson Leader Alberta English
Embassy (Canada's Foreign Policy) [email protected]
National English
Ensemble pour bâtir [email protected] Quebec French
Entrée libre [email protected] Quebec French
Epoch Times [email protected] National English
Financial Post [email protected] National English
Fort McMurray Today Alberta English
Fredricton Daily Gleaner [email protected] Newfoundland English
Gander Beacon [email protected] Newfoundland English
Georgetown Independent [email protected] Ontario English
Georgia Straight [email protected] British Columbia English
Glengarry News [email protected] Ontario English
Globe and Mail [email protected] National English
Graffici (New Richmond) [email protected] Quebec French
Guelph Mercury Ontario English
Gulf News, The (Gateway to Newfoundland) Newfoundland English
Halifax Chronicle Herald [email protected] Nova Scotia English
Halifax Daily News Nova Scotia English
Hamilton Community News [email protected]
Ontario English
Hamilton Spectator [email protected] Ontario English
Hebdo Rive Nord [email protected] Quebec French
Impact Campus [email protected] Quebec French
Info Dimanche [email protected] Quebec French
Info07 (Gatineau) [email protected] Quebec French
Island Tides [email protected] British Columbia English
Jourd'ham (Ham-Sud) [email protected] Quebec French
Journal communautaire Regards [email protected] Quebec French
Journal de l'Université de Montréal [email protected] Quebec French
Journal des Citoyens [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Haute Côte-Nord [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Innuvelle [email protected] Quebec French
Journal La Rafale [email protected] Quebec French
Journal le Courrie, Laurentides Express [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Le Guide [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Le Jacques-Cartier [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Le Nord [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Le Nord Ouest [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Le Phare [email protected] Quebec French
Journal Le Plateau [email protected] Quebec French
Kelowna Capital News [email protected] British Columbia English
Kingston Whig Standard Ontario English
L'Acadie Nouvelle [email protected] Nova Scotia French
L'Action (Joliette) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Action de London [email protected] Ontario French
L'Actualité [email protected] Quebec French
L'Alliance de Preissac [email protected] Quebec French
L'Annonceur [email protected] Quebec French
L'Argenteuil (Lachute) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Arrivage d'Adstock [email protected] Quebec French
L'Attisée (St-Jean Port Joli) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Aurore Boréale [email protected] Yukon French
L'aut'journal [email protected] Quebec French
L'Avant-Poste (Matane) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Avantage (Rimouski) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Avenir et des Rivières [email protected] Quebec French
L'Aviron et L'Écho de la Baie (Gaspé) [email protected] Quebec
L'Écho Abitibien [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho d'en Haut (Saint-Pamphile) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de Cantley [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de la Pinière de Sainte-Hélène [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de La Tuque [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de Laval [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de Maskinongé [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de Saint-François [email protected] Quebec French
L'Écho de Trois-Rivières [email protected] Quebec French
L'Éclaireur Progrès [email protected] Quebec French
L'Entre deux lacs de Rivière-Bleue [email protected] Quebec French
L'Étincelle (Windsor) [email protected] Ontario French
L'Étoile [email protected] New Brunswick French
L'Étoile du Lac (Roberval) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Éveil et La Concorde (St Eustache) [email protected] Quebec French
L'Événement de Scotstown [email protected] Quebec French
L'Express d'Outremont [email protected] Quebec French
L'Express de Drummondville redaction_dr@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Express de Granby jacqueline.noiseux@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Express de Toronto express@lexpress.to Ontario French
L'Express Étudiant Ontario French
L'Hebdo Chaleur New Brunswick French
L'Hebdo du St-Maurice redaction_shawinigan@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Hebdo Journal redaction.hj@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Horizon de Kapuskasing Ontario French
L'image de Bury bury.image.articles@gmail.com Quebec French
L'Info (Sainte-Élie-D'Orford) journalinfo@cooptel.qc.ca Quebec French
L'Information du nord Mt Tremblant infonord.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Information du nord Ste Agathe des Mts infonord.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Information du nord Vallée de la rouge infonord.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Information Mont-Joli mjo.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Information Sainte-Julie-Varennes-St-Amable jul.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
L'Itinéraire christine.richard@itineraire.ca Quebec French
L’Aquilon ykjournaliste@northwestel.net Northwest Territories French
L’Express d’Ottawa redaction.ontario@transcontinental.ca Ontario French
L’Express de Toronto express@lexpress.to Ontario French
L’Oeil Régional bel.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
L´Étoile New Brunswick French
La Dépêche (Abitibi) ladepeche@ladepeche.qc.ca Quebec French
La Frontière rou.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
La Liberté la-liberte@la-liberte.mb.ca New Brunswick French
La Métropole maestro@lametropole.com Quebec French
La Nouvelle Union chauvetteg@transcontinental.ca Quebec French
La Pensée de Bagot mdorais@lapensee.qc.ca Quebec French
La Presse Quebec French
La Quête laquetejournal@yahoo.ca Quebec French
La Relève lareleve@lareleve.qc.ca Quebec French
La Revue de Terrebonne redaction@larevue.qc.ca Quebec French
La Rotonde (University of Ottawa) redaction@larotonde.ca Ontario French
La Seigneurie (Boucherville) bou.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
La Source marie-claude.pilon@tc.tc Quebec French
La Terre de chez nous Longueuil redaction@laterre.ca Quebec French
La Tribune debats@lapresse.ca Quebec French
La Vie d'ici de Shipshaw informations@laviedici.com Quebec French
La Voix Acadienne texte@lavoixacadienne.com Prince Edward Island French
La Voix de l´Est debats@lapresse.ca Quebec French
La Voix des Mille-îles infojournaux@groupejcl.com Quebec French
La Voix du Nord (Témiscaming) patrick.breton@levoyageur.ca Quebec French
La Voix du Sud caroline.gilbert@tc.tc Quebec French
La Voix Pop redaction_lavoixpop@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Beau Regar lebeauregard@hotmail.com Quebec French
Le Brossard Éclair cds.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Bulletin pascal.laplante@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Bulletin d'Aylmer abawqp@videotron.ca Quebec French
Le Bulletin Régional Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Quebec French
Le Canada Français gilles.levesque@canadafrancais.com Quebec French
Le Cantonnier lecantonnier@lino.com Quebec French
Le Carillon nouvelles@eap.on.ca Ontario French
Le Charlevoisien journal@lecharlevoisien.com Quebec French
Le Choix (Gatineau) steve.ross@journallechoix.ca Quebec French
Le Clairon (St-Hyacinthe) redaction@courrierclairon.qc.ca Quebec French
Le Contact (Beaulac-Garthby) contactbg2002@yahoo.ca Quebec French
Le Couac info@lecouac.org Quebec French
Le Courrier Ahuntsic courrierahuntsic@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Courrier Bordeaux-Cartierville courrierbc@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse administration@lecourrier.com Newfoundland French
Le Courrier de Laval redactionlaval@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe redaction@lecourrier.qc.ca Quebec French
Le Courrier Sud redaction_cs@tc.tc Quebec French
Le cyberjournal du Saguenay info@lbr.ca Quebec French
Le Cyri-Lien (St-Cyrille) cyrilien@globetrotter.net Quebec French
Le Devoir lettres@ledevoir.com Quebec French
Le Droit (Ottawa) debats@lapresse.ca Ontario French
Le Félix info@lefelix.ca Quebec French
Le Front lefront.redaction@gmail.com New Brunswick French
Le Gaboteur dg@gaboteur.ca Newfoundland French
Le Goéland (St Siméon) journalgoeland@globetrotter.net Quebec French
Le Guide de Montréal Nord redaction_est@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Havre alain.lavoie@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Hublot clochers@globetrotter.net Quebec French
Le Jamésien cbg.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Jaseur de St-Lazare munstlaz@globetrotter.net Quebec French
Le Journal Altitude (St Donat) journalaltitude@cgocable.ca Quebec French
Le Journal de Chambly cly.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Journal de Cornwall nouvelles@eap.on.ca Ontario French
Le Journal de Joliette mathieu.ferland@lejournaldejoliette.ca Quebec French
Le Journal de la rue journal@journaldelarue.ca Quebec French
Le Journal de Montreal prepresse@quebecormedia.com Quebec French
Le Journal de Québec Quebec French
Le Journal de Saint-Bruno bru.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Journal de Saint-Michel admin@journaldestmichel.com Quebec French
Le journal des Alternatives Quebec French
Le Journal des Pays-d'en-Hau ssm.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Journal du Lac-Saint-Jean  redaction_alma@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Lavalois de Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval lelavalois@ccapcable.com Quebec French
Le Lien (Hébertville) loisir@ville.hebertville.qc.ca  Quebec French
Le Lien La Doré info@cpsmedia.ca Quebec French
Le Madawaska damours.jeanclaude@brunswicknews.com New Brunswick French
Le Magazine de l'Ile des Sœurs redaction_lemagazineids@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Magazine de Place Publique contact@place-publique.fr Quebec French
Le Messager Lachine-Dorval redaction_lachine-dorval@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Messager LaSalle redaction_lasalle@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Messager Verdun redaction_verdun@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Métro de Montréal opinions@journalmetro.com Quebec French
Le Métropolitain info@lemetropolitain.com Ontario French
Le Moniteur Acadien moniteur@rogers.com New Brunswick French
Le Montagnard (St-Tite-des-Caps) sylvieverreault@sainttitedescaps.com Quebec French
Le Montbeillard en bref (Rouyn-Noranda) montbeillard@hotmail.com Quebec French
Le Mouton noir mouton@moutonnoir.com Quebec French
Le Nord de Hearst lenord@lenord.on.ca Ontario French
Le Nouvelliste Quebec French
Le Nunavoix nunavoix@gmail.com Nunavut French
Le P'tit Journal de Malartic le-ptit-journal@hotmail.com Quebec French
Le Papotin de Dudswell Estrieplus.com redaction@estrieplus.com Quebec French
Le Peuple Lévis lev.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Peuple Lotbinière ltb.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Phare de Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans lephare@gmail.com Quebec French
Le Pharillon (Gaspé) gas.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Pierr'Eau (St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) journal@stpierrerivieresud.ca Quebec French
Le Placoteux journaliste@leplacoteux.com Quebec French
Le Point (Lac St-Jean) jean-luc.doumont@lepoint.ca Quebec French
Le Progrès de Coaticook dany.jacques@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Progrès de Saint-Léonard redaction_est@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Progrès de Villeray redactionprogres@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Quotidien Quebec French
Le Radar (Cap-aux-Meules) redacteur@leradar.qc.ca Quebec French
Le Reflet del.redaction@tc.tc Ontario French
Le Reflet (canton de Lingwick) info@lereflet.org Quebec French
Le Reflet du Lac dany.jacques@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Reflet témiscamien journaliste1@journallereflet.com Quebec French
Le Régional info@leregional.com Ontario French
Le Rempart de Windsor info@lerempart.ca Ontario French
Le Réveil (St-Fabien de Panet lereveil@sogetel.net Quebec French
Le Réveil du Saguenay suzanne.larouche@lereveil.ca Quebec French
Le Rive-Sud Express nouvelle@rivesudexpress.ca Quebec French
Le Riverain rebondi jean.gagnon@quebecormedia.com Quebec French
Le Saint-Armand jstarmand@hotmail.com Quebec French
Le Saint-Denisien info@lesaintdenisien.ca Quebec French
Le Saint-Jeannois saint-jeannois@arcf-sj.org Quebec French
Le Sentier de Saint-Hippolyte redaction@journal-le-sentier.org Quebec French
Le Sherbrooke Express she.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Ski-se-Dit de Val-David ski-se-dit@cgocable.ca Quebec French
Le Soleil Quebec French
Le Soleil de Chateauguay ctg.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Soleil de Valleyfield val.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Le Tour des Ponts de Saint-Anselme tourdesponts@st-anselme.ca Quebec French
Le Trait d'Union (Saint-Bruno) trdunion@globetrotter.net Quebec French
Le Trait d'Union (Terrebonne) letraitdunion@transcontinental.ca Quebec French
Le Trait d'Union du Nord (Fermont) redactionfermont@gmail.com  Quebec French
Le Vortex de Bagotville egc@royaume.com Quebec French
Le Voyageur de Sudbury levoyageur@levoyageur.ca Ontario French
Les Actualités redaction@lesactualites.ca Quebec French
Les deux Rives, La Voix str.redaction@tc.tc Quebec French
Les Nouvelles Saint-Laurent nouvellessaint-laurent@tc.tc Quebec French
Les Versants (Saint-Bruno) info@versants.com Quebec French
Lethbridge Herald Alberta English
London Free Press Ontario English
Markham Economist & Sun Ontario English
Medicine Hat News letters@medicinehatnews.com Alberta English
Merritt Herald publisher@merrittherald.com British Columbia English
Metro Calgary Alberta English
Metro Edmonton Alberta English
Metro Halifax Nova Scotia English
Metro London Ontario English
Métro Montréal opinions@journalmetro.com Quebec French
Metro Ottawa Ontario English
Metro Toronto Ontario English
Metro Vancouver vancouverletters@metronews.ca British Columbia English
Metro Winnipeg Manitoba English
Mississauga News gtimbers@mississauga.net Ontario English
Moncton Times Transcript news@timestranscript.com New Brunswick French
Montréal Express redaction_est@tc.tc Quebec French
Montreal Gazette letters@montrealgazette.com Quebec English
Moose Jaw Times-Herald editorial@mjtimes.sk.ca Saskatchewan English
Nanaimo News Bulletin editor@nanaimobulletin.com British Columbia English
National Post National English
New Brunswick Telegraph Journal New Brunswick English
New Glasgow Evening News news@ngnews.ca Nova Scotia English
Niagara This Week letters@niagarathisweek.com Ontario English
North Bay Nugget Ontario English
Northern News Service Online editorial@nnsl.com Yukon English
Nouvelles Hochelaga-Maisonneuve guillaume.cloutier@tc.tc Quebec French
Nouvelles Saint-Laurent nouvellessaint-laurent@tc.tc Quebec French
Nouvelles-Hebdo redaction.dolbeau@tc.tc Quebec French
Oakville Beaver editor@oakvillebeaver.com Ontario English
Okotoks´ Western Wheel Alberta English
Oshawa Express editor@oshawaexpress.ca Ontario English
Ottawa Citizen letters@ottawacitizen.com Ontario English
Ottawa Sun ottsun.oped@sunmedia.ca Ontario English
Penticton Herald editor@pentictonherald.ca British Columbia English
Perspectives Vanier info@perspectivesvanier.com Quebec French
Peterborough Examiner Ontario English
Point Sud (Longueuil) nfo@pointsud.ca Quebec French
Prairie Post rdahlman@prairiepost.com British Columbia English
Prince Albert Daily Herald editorial@paherald.sk.ca Alberta English
Prince George Citizen letters@pgcitizen.ca British Columbia English
Québec Hebdo redaction_quebec@tc.tc Quebec French
Red Deer Advocate editorial@reddeeradvocate.com Alberta English
Regina Leader Post letters@leaderpost.com Saskatchewan English
Rue Frontenac redaction@ruefrontenac.com Quebec French
Sarnia Observer Ontario English
Sarnia Observer (ON) Ontario English
Saskatchewan Valley News Alberta English
Saskatoon Star Phoenix citydesk@thestarphoenix.com Alberta English
Southern Gazette (Burin Peninsula) Newfoundland English
Squamish Chief news@squamishchief.com British Columbia English
Sudbury Star Ontario English
Taber Times Alberta English
The Advocate (Pictou) editor@pictouadvocate.com Nova Scotia English
The Barrie Examiner barrie.news@sunmedia.ca Ontario English
The Brampton Guardian letters@thebramptonguardian.com Ontario English
The Chatham Daily News Ontario English
The Citizen (Amherst) awagstaff@amherstdaily.com Nova Scotia English
The Coast (Halifax, Weekly) letters@thecoast.ca Nova Scotia English
The Compass Newfoundland English
The Daily Graphic Manitoba English
The Expositor (Brantford) Ontario English
The Fulcrum (University of Ottawa) editor@thefulcrum.ca Ontario English
The Georgian Newfoundland English
The Guysborough Journal (Goshen) news@guysboroughjournal.ca Nova Scotia English
The Hill Times news@hilltimes.com National English
The Inverness Oran oran-news@ns.aliantzinc.ca Nova Scotia English
The Journal Pioneer Prince Edward Island English
The Labradorian Newfoundland English
The Liverpool Advance mail@lighthouse.ns.ca Nova Scotia English
The Niagara Falls Review Ontario English
The Nor’wester English English
The Packet English English
The Pilot English English
The Record letters@therecord.com Quebec English
The Recorder & Times (Brockville) Ontario English
The Reporter (Port Hawkesbury, Weekly) jake@porthawkesburyreporter.com Nova Scotia English
The Sault Star Ontario English
The Shelburne Coast Guard info@thecoastguard.ca Nova Scotia English
The Standard (St. Catherines) Ontario English
The Sturgeon Creek Post truscott@sturgeoncreek.ca Alberta English
The Telegram (St. John´s) letters@thetelegram.com Newfoundland English
The Tyee editor@thetyee.ca British Columbia English
The Weekly Press (Enfield) editor@enfieldweeklypress.com Nova Scotia English
The West Quebec Post abawqp@videotron.ca Quebec English
The Western Star (Corner Brook) cnoseworthy@thewesternstar.com Newfoundland English
Thompson Citizen editor@thompsoncitizen.net Manitoba English
Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal Ian.Pattison@chroniclejournal.com Ontario English
Timmins Daily Press British Columbia English
Tolerance.ca info@tolerance.ca Quebec French
Toronto Star lettertoed@thestar.ca Ontario English
Toronto Sun torsun.editor@sunmedia.ca Ontario English
Tribune-Express nouvelles@eap.on.ca Ontario English
Truro Daily News webcomments@ngnews.ca Nova Scotia English
Vancouver Province provletters@theprovince.com British Columbia English
Vancouver Sun sunletters@vancouversun.com British Columbia English
Vernon Morning Star glenn@vernonmorningstar.com British Columbia English
Victoria News editor@vicnews.com British Columbia English
Victoria Times Colonist letters@timescolonist.com British Columbia English
Viva (Vaudreuil-Dorion) Quebec French
Voir Montréal jepenseque@voir.ca Quebec French
Walkerville Times elaine@walkervilletimes.com Ontario English
Waterloo Chronicle bvrbanac@waterloochronicle.ca Ontario English
Welland Tribune Ontario English
Whitehorse Daily Star editor@whitehorsestar.com Yukon English
Windsor Star letters@windsorstar.com Ontario English
Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba English
Winnipeg Sun Manitoba English
Woodstock Sentinel Review Ontario English
Yukon News editor@yukon-news.com Yukon English

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