Get Others Involved

Our vision is a world without extreme poverty. To make this vision a reality, we need everyone—including you!

Not only can you accomplish great things by influencing decision-makers, but by convincing friends, family and strangers to the cause you will be building the movement and building our capacity to end extreme poverty. Spreading the word in your community and beyond is just another way of taking action.

Here are a few tools to help you:

  1. Tips to start a new RESULTS Canada Group
  2. Volunteer Sample Posting
  3. Youth Volunteer Sample Posting – (ideal for Campus)
  4. Bilingual Sign-up Sheet – English logo
  5. 10 tips for running a successful booth
  6. Communicating a message powerfully (EPIC and storytelling)
  7. Speaking the language of persuasion and describing the change we make
  8. Building up your group from reading about this volunteer’s experiences
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