Randy Rudolph

Board Chair

Randy Rudolph is a partner in an environmental consulting firm in Calgary and has 30 years of experience in that industry. His background is in air quality and he currently focuses on business development, mostly in the Alberta resource sector. He has worked in South America and North Africa and lived and worked in Greece for half a dozen years. Randy is on the Board of the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada which focuses on research and innovation to reduce environmental footprints, and has served on other industry association boards.

Randy has been a RESULTS volunteer for 20 years, has published hundreds of letters to the editor and written over 1,000 letters to MPs and other decision makers. He is a long-time donor and participated in the last two Live Below the Line campaigns. He served on the Board of RESULT:ED for almost 10 years and subsequently on the RESULTS Canada Board, including as Chair for about six years.

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