A.K.M. ‘Kamal’ Kamaluddin

Board Director

Kamal has worked for UNICEF for over 34 years in Asia and Africa focusing on social development. With UNICEF, Kamal assisted the Nation-wide Education and Woreda (district) Integrated Basic Services (WIBS) program including Health, Nutrition and Environmental Sanitation (Ethiopia and in Bangladesh), motivated and mobilized the Uttar Pradesh Teachers Association for realizing the Education for All goal, facilitated the Child-Rights program communications and mobilization (Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Kenya), developed strategic  approach to reaching the unreached (Ethiopia and Madhya Pradesh, India) and designed and implemented a model using  child-centred approach to teaching learning in the classrooms as a means to improve the quality of primary education (India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Bangladesh)–to name a few. He brings management expertise in program strategizing and development as well as governance, particularly in decision-making and accountability.

Kamal is very passionate about universal quality primary education with a focus on reaching out to girls as this is vital in promoting the greater goal of gender equality.

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