David Khan

Board Director
David is a senior associate at a law firm based in the Calgary area and practises across Canada, specializing in Indigenous land claims, breaches of treaties, and Indigenous rights litigation. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toronto in 2005. Aside from his career in law, he has been involved in politics as a candidate for the Alberta Liberal Party in two provincial elections, and is a volunteer for both the Liberal Party of Canada and the Alberta Liberal Party, for which he serves as Executive Vice-President. With his experience in managing political campaigns, he has gained expertise in governance bylaws and policies as well as valuable relations, insight, and knowledge. David is a member of the Law Societies of Alberta, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Advocates’ Society. David has followed the work of RESULTS for many years as he and his family have been long-time supporters. Back
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