Clarecia Christie

Board Director

Clarecia Christie is a Project Manager at TFO Canada, responsible for the Canadian Market Trade Information Services for the benefit of developing country exporters and trade support institutions, and for Canadian importers who source products and services from developing countries. As a Policy Advisor to the Minister of Health Promotion, she worked on the poverty reduction, smoking-cessation and sports policy files. Clarecia holds a Masters in International Business Management and an Honour’s Bachelor in Management Studies from the University of West Indies, as well as a post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Services from the Maastricht School of Management.

Clarecia is also an international business professional with extensive experience in export market development. She has led dozens of projects in market research and trade show planning, facilitated training seminars for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and business support organizations, and provided targeted market entry and communication strategies for exporters. These experiences have expanded Clarecia’s trade expertise to several different sectors, such as gift, craft, specialty foods, fashion, health and wellness, and agro-processing. In addition, Clarecia has worked on development projects for a number of international organizations, including the Emerging Markets Group Limited and the Inter-America Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

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