World Immunization Week 2017



What if there was a vaccine that was greatly needed but it was just not getting to the people that need it most?

 The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is one of those vaccines.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease globally; so common in fact, that nearly ALL sexually active people, everywhere, will have it at one point in their lives and won’t even know. Most infections caused by the 100 varying types of HPV tend to heal on …


Be Bold for Change: Stories from Female Advocates


Clarecia, RESULTS Canada Board Member

What sparked your decision to work towards gender equity?

I would say whom – my mother Ivy Gordon-Christie taught for over 40 years in Kingston, Jamaica’s inner cities. Growing up I watched her help her students out of dire situations, encouraging them to elevate from their circumstances. Most of these students were female students, some …


Top Five Things We Learned and Heard from Davos 2017

1. Early Childhood Development (ECD) was brought to the forefront of discussions, and deemed essential to the future of a country’s economic and labour competitiveness

In a blog published at the start of the forum, it was demonstrated that “early childhood is key to a productive current workforce as well as nations’ future success”. Research has shown …


Reflections from the Leaders Retreat


RESULTS Canada is more than just a grassroots organization. It is a community that fosters empathy alongside their advocacy. The 2017 Leaders Retreat was my first experience working with other RESULTS leaders from across Canada. The weekend was filled with so many thought-provoking workshops, engaging us to think beyond the horizon of possibilities. One particular afternoon stood out to …


On Universal Children’s Day, what are we working towards?

On November 20th, 1989, the member states of the United Nations General Assembly signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The Convention detailed the rights of children and the responsibilities of the world’s citizens to provide them.

Today, what are we continuing to work towards for children?

Equal Rights for All, Especially Girls

CRC Article 2: States …


Citizen Advocate Spotlight

World Polio Day Twitter Takeover

On October 24th, three of our advocates took over RESULTS Canada’s Twitter account to raise awareness around World Polio Day. They generated a flurry of activity and lots of people were engaging in the conversation online. The Minister of International Development, Marie Claude Bibeau tweeted an announcement regarding $10 million dollars in funding for polio …


Will we be thanking Pakistan for showing the world how to stop the next pandemic?

Ebola, Zika, HIV…there’s widespread concern that the next pandemic will overwhelm the world’s medical services, particularly in the poorest countries. Yet one of those countries – Pakistan – may have found a path towards eradicating a highly contagious disease. It’s a model that deserves a closer look.

Asia, particularly Pakistan and Afghanistan, is the place where the poliomyelitis virus is …

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