Dear Women, Thank You for Being Key to Realizing a Polio-Free World

A Pakistani female vaccine worker carries a cooler of polio vaccines to the remote town of Harnai. Today she will have to administer 50 vaccines. This is her third visit to Harnai in three months and she now knows all the children there. Some of them wait for her up the street. They giggle and scatter as she …


Raising our voices in support of access to education and the GPE

I have the privilege of working on behalf of HIV/AIDS Orphans living in rural Uganda as an employee of the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. Every day I witness gratitude that is beyond comprehension by sweet faces who believe in the hope that education will change their life…and it does. Even just one additional year of school can 


An investment in the Global Partnership for Education is an investment in the future

There is no single solution to poverty, but perhaps the most effective long term strategy is education. No amount of money, resources, work or ideology can pull a community permanently out of poverty, if people don’t have access to the skills and knowledge to control their own economic circumstances, then they will be deprived a stable and prosperous future. …


Learning Without Limits: Improving Access to Quality Education

It’s a warm, sunny afternoon in Nairobi, Kenya as I pull up to Cheleta Primary School on the back of a motorbike. I’m greeted by a brightly painted cement gate that has the school’s vision written in bold black letters: A school without learning limits. As I climb off the bike and walk through the gate, enthusiastic voices fill …


Send my Friend to School Campaigners ask the UK government to make a big investment in GPE

Hi, we are Amy Range and Ellen Withington, we were selected from many applicants to become Campaign Champions for the Send My Friend to School campaign. We joined the campaign to get involved with politics and use our voices to help those who do not have the opportunities we do. Through the campaign we have become more confident, met …


Why it’s important to tailor health programs to local realities


By Raseema Alam

Polio is on the cusp of being eradicated and there is a lot to learn.

The polio endgame is near. It really is. The target is to eradicate polio by 2019 and judging by the numbers this year, we are almost there. The global WHO polio report on September 27, 2017 reported there were a total of 11 …


The ABCs of Good Nutrition: How Linking Nutrition to Schools is a Recipe for Success

Tsedey holds up a poster that features her. She laughs shyly with her friends as they tease her again about her smile and the shirt she chose to wear for the photo shoot. “Green is not a good colour for me,” she says with a laugh.

The posters are all over her school and she is a bit of a …


Access to a quality education is the best way to disrupt the cycle of poverty. My story is proof.

Rachel Azalenko-Akouete, RESULTS Real Change Fellow

I can’t tell my story without first telling my parents story. My family is originally from Togo, a small country in West Africa. My father is my very first hero and my role model. My grandfather had 19 children. He was a farmer and tried his very best to provide for his family. Nevertheless, …

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