• Eradicating Polio: #VaccinesWork
    Eradicating Polio: #VaccinesWork
    We are closer than ever to making polio the second disease ever to be eradicated. With an ambitious pledge to GPEI, Canada can be a part of making history.
  • Thanks to you, we’ve got hope and solutions
    Thanks to you, we’ve got hope and solutions
    We know what the solutions are; we need our government to create better policies, increase resources and the support the political will to get there – and with your help we can.
  • Guest blog: You’ve Marched in the Climate Strike, Now What?
    Guest blog: You’ve Marched in the Climate Strike, Now What?
    You’ve marched in the climate strike, perhaps demanded for policy changes on social media, and maybe even engaged your local candidate. It’s inspiring that you’ve joined this global advocacy effort. But now what?

Take Action Now

Each month we feature a monthly action that supports at least one of our campaigns. We pick our monthly actions and ongoing campaigns based on strategic opportunity, political climate, context, and impact. More specifically, our issues are usually ones where there is a proven, cost-effective solution and for which there are not many champions. For example, many groups advocate for greater HIV support and treatment; we focus our HIV advocacy on increasing accessibility to the $20 DOTS cure for tuberculosis which is the number one opportunistic infection killing HIV-infected persons in the developing world. We believe that the journey to the world that we want to create is a long one, but that we will only get there if we take the steps. For every issue we take on, our grassroots learn about and focus their energy on the entry point, or steps, that will lead us to a world free of poverty.

Your Advocacy Tools

RESULTS Canada is not just about taking action today. We equip you with the advocacy skills and confidence to become true agents of change.

Whether you are brand new to activism or a seasoned volunteer, our tools will equip you with the skills and confidence you need to communicate persuasively on the issues to parliamentarians, the media and your community to make a real impact.

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