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When you join RESULTS Canada you join a national network of everyday heroes from coast to coast and around the world. Don’t delay and let us know today that you want to volunteer!


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We focus on a specific global poverty issue each month to ensure that our combined efforts have a significant collective impact. We judge the current political climate to try and time specific monthly campaign actions for when they might best resonate with the media and policymakers. Our monthly ‘Action Sheets’ describe how a pressing poverty issue is affecting people in the developing world, the political climate surrounding the issue, a realistic and tangible request of the government and conclude with a number of proposed “actions” for RESULTS volunteers to undertake.


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Canadians from all walks of life learn together in monthly ‘Education and Action Meetings’ across the country about how to advocate powerfully on the issues so they will be convincing when they communicate with parliamentarians, business leaders, journalists and ordinary people. Through advocacy, they have ensured that children are immunized, tuberculosis is diagnosed and treated before it kills, mothers receive small loans, families sleep protected from malaria by bednets, and more girls go to school. Join these everyday heroes.



There are many ways you can support RESULTS through fundraising! Join our annual fundraising drive, connect with companies or foundations in your area or hold a fundraising event in your area.


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