National Call with Natalie Poulson of the GPE

Around the world right now, 57 million primary school aged children are not in school, and many more children who are in school are failing to acquire basic reading, writing and numeracy skills. We’ve made astounding progress since 1999, when 108 million primary school aged children were out of school; however, the poorest, most marginalized and hardest to reach children continue to be left behind. Through a system-strengthening approach that builds government capacity to deliver education services, the Global Partnership for Education is developing education systems in fragile and conflict affected states, promoting girls’ education, increasing basic numeracy and literacy skills, and improving teacher effectiveness. This is your chance to ensure that Canada follows through on our commitments. At a time when education is currently underfunded globally by US$26 billion a year, according to UNESCO, Canada’s commitment to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend school and gain a quality education could not be more important. We call on the Canadian Government to make a four-year pledge of at least CAD$120 million (US$110 million) to the GPE Fund and provide multilateral support to education equal to that which it demonstrates in other arenas.
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