National Call: Ending Malnutrition: When we invest in girls and women, everyone wins

Despite the fact that vulnerable women are at greater risk of malnutrition than men and more girls die of malnutrition than boys, the world has made little measurable progress in addressing the specific nutritional needs of women, adolescents, and girls living in developing countries. That’s why the upcoming Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark will mark a key global health opportunity to raise the profile of malnutrition as a central determinant of maternal and adolescent health. From May 16-19th RESULTS Canada will be traveling with a delegation of key Canadian decision-makers to the fourth annual Women Deliver Conference to help tackle this problem head-on. As a global leader on girls’ and women’s health, rights, and wellbeing, the Women Deliver Conference will bring together diverse voices and interests to drive progress in maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights. Conference participants will work together to build capacity, share solutions, and forge new partnerships to spark political commitments and investment in girls and women. Please join us in putting nutrition for women, adolescents, and girls at the top of the agenda.

Join our National Call and find out how you can have an impact!

We’ll be joined by Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu, a Women Deliver Young Leader and citizen advocate. Dial in using the number: 1 855 807 8485, option 3, code 1234 Join online:
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