National Call with Chantal Harvard

Join our National Call with special guest Chantal Harvard, Government Relations and Communications Officer at the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC) DOWNLOAD THE ACTION SHEET In September, we will see the Millennium Development Goals replaced by a new set of global goals– the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These new goals represent an opportunity to end all forms of poverty and inequality and tackle environmental destruction. In December, global leaders will meet to adopt a new agreement on climate change–a crucial step towards a safer planet. Combined, these two commitments (known as the post-2015 agenda) will shape the development landscape for years to come and, if ambitious enough, could lay the foundation for ending extreme poverty. Closer to home, Canada is gearing up to hold its most important exercise in citizen democracy: a federal election. The election, scheduled for 19 October 2015 is an opportunity for citizen advocates to use  both their voices and their vote to ensure that ending extreme poverty is a Canadian government priority. African mother carry child in a traditional way in front of the hut
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