Live Below the Line 2014

From 28 April-2 May over 150 Canadians across the country took the global challenge to live on $1.75 a day for 5 days for RESULTS Canada. Many of these participants were RESULTS citizen advocates, everyday Canadians who help to end…

Reason #5: The Global Partnership for Education gets results

By: Dan Jones, Campaigns Manager at RESULTS UK “The Global Partnership for Education is getting quality education to marginalised children, coordinating education’s many players, offering aid without wasteful replication, and following local leadership… GPE is single-sector (education) but shows how…

Immunization: a Central Component of the Muskoka Initiative

By: Julie Savard-Shaw, Campaigns Officer, RESULTS Canada Ten years after the creation of the Millenium Development Goals, it became apparent that the global community was failing to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health (MDGs 4 and 5). As a…

Reason #4: The Global Partnership for Education Mobilizes Developing Country Resources to Education

By: Julie Savard-Shaw, Campaigns Officer at RESULTS Canada This week, I explore reason #4, which looks at how the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) mobilizes developing country resources towards their own education system. This is an especially critical piece in…
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