Each year, Tuberculosis (TB) kills approximately 1.4 million people, equating to 3,800 deaths per day. These deaths are an avoidable tragedy because TB is curable, often for as little as $20 per person. To win the fight against TB we need improved tools for prevention and diagnosis, as well as new treatments. We also need the capacity to get these tools/treatments to the people most at risk.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and malaria is the world’s largest financier of TB care and control. Continued government support of the Global Fund is critical to reducing and eventually eliminating TB as a leading killer.


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Quick Facts

  • Every year, 9 million people are infected with TB, 3 million of whom will not receive the care they need.1
  • TB kills approximately 1.4 million people annually.1
  • TB is the leading killer of people with HIV.
  • Treatment for TB is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions, costing only $20 to cure a patient with non-drug resistant TB.2

Organizations We Work With

  1. World Health Organization, 2012
  2. Copenhagen Consensus, 2012, Expert Panel Findings
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