2.3 Billion People Have No Place to Go: Taking Action to Address the Global Sanitation Crisis

It’s time to raise awareness and to take action on sanitation. The lack of access to sanitation not only undermines human dignity—it has serious implications for health, education, income, and women’s empowerment and security.

A Renewed Canadian Investment to the Global Financing Facility – Stories from Kenya

The time is now to ensure no woman, child or adolescent should neither see their life shortened nor be unable to realize their full potential. A renewed contribution from Canada to the GFF is a catalyst for health and nutrition, a catalyst for her, and an investment in people and the economy.
JULY 2016

Canada’s Role in Building the World We Want

Canada has launched its review of how and where we spend our development aid money. Have your voice heard. Submit your recommendations today.

A New Year’s Resolution for our Nation: 0.7 percent by 2020

This New Year let us resolve to boldly declare that Canada can achieve the target of 0.7 percent of national income dedicated to official development assistance by 2020.

New hope for a new Government

The first step to improving children’s lives is increasing the funding we give to children’s wellbeing. It’s vital that Canada increases its aid budget.

The Sustainable Development Goals: A blueprint for a better world

Let’s call on our next Parliament to prioritize the SDGs and to put poverty eradication at the top of the agenda.

It’s Time to Prioritize Adolescent Girls

We need Canada's leadership for women and girls on the global stage.
JUNE 2015

Election 2015 – Putting Poverty in the Platform

This fall, Canadians will head to the polls for the first federal election in four years. Now is the time to make your voices heard! If we want to see a commitment to ending poverty across the world in our parties’ platforms, we have to demand it.
MAY 2015

Financing the Future: Reaching Every Woman and Child

The Global Financing Facility (GFF) has the potential to facilitate real gains in the health of mothers, children and adolescents. Canada must ensure that the GFF is accountable, sustainable, and inclusive to civil society and aims to target the hardest to reach.

2015: The end of extreme poverty is within reach!

In order for the post-2015 agenda to have a meaningful impact, our leaders need to ensure that commitments made are ambitious and subsequently take concrete action to ensure these commitments are realized.
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