Words over Weapons: Education Builds Hope for Children in Conflict

Canada must use our abundant resources to ensure that even the most vulnerable people in the world can fulfill their potential as humans. Strong support for education in conflict, especially drawing from new money in the ODA envelope, will go a long way in strengthening Canada’s position as a global leader.


Back-to-School: Reaching Everyone with Quality Education

A bold commitment to finance education efforts will ensure that Canada’s recently launched Feminist International Assistance Policy is adequately financed and therefore truly transformative.


Early Childhood Development: Setting the Stage for Good Health and Learning

Equality must begin even before birth. Let’s act now to ensure that every child has the nutrients they need to learn in school, earn in the workplace, and fulfill their potential.

JULY 2017

Celebrating and Strengthening Community

Take the opportunity this summer to share RESULTS Canada’s work with your friends, family, and MPs. Encourage everyone to join our team in whatever way they can. Together, we can end poverty and build a world characterized by health, opportunity, and equality.

JUNE 2017

Filling the Gap: Investing in Global Education for a Brighter Future

As this school year comes to an end, we must work together to ensure that millions more children can access the benefits of education next year.

MAY 2017

Ending the Cycle of Poverty: The Ripple Effect of Educating Girls

This is a crucial year for education. We can use this opportunity to show Canadian decision makers the importance of education and the enormous ripple effect of educating girls.

APRIL 2017

Leaving Nobody Behind: The Crucial Role of Vaccines in Child Health

We must remind the government that Canada should not lag on its commitment to delivering lifesaving vaccines to children everywhere. Equitable access to immunization is a goal that cannot be compromised.

MARCH 2017

One Last Push to End Polio for Good

Eradicating polio would be one of the greatest public health achievements the world has ever seen. We can all be a part of that legacy by taking action to ensure the resources are in place to create a polio-free world.


It’s Time for Canada to Get Back on Track

Canada is near an all-time low in its commitment to international assistance. This month finds Canada at a pivotal moment in defining our role in the world.

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