Canada and Beyond: Tuberculosis Must Be Addressed

For this HLM on TB to be truly groundbreaking, it must be attended by the highest level country representatives.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be attending the HLM on TB, leading the Canadian delegation, invite his counterparts to also attend in person, and announce the leadership it has started to take in fighting TB at home – and abroad.

JULY 2018

Community Can Create Change

Since Parliament has risen for the summer, Members of Parliament (MPs) will be in their ridings. This provides an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments, maintain relationships with our MPs, and lay the foundation for continued success in the future. 

JUNE 2018

TB-Free for You and Me: Canadian Government takes lead at home but what about abroad?

The Government of Canada has taken essential and bold steps on TB within our own borders but now is the time for international leadership. Canada has an opportunity to bring this leadership to the UN HLM on TB, where governments will be held to account to end the TB epidemic by 2030.

MAY 2018

Global Leaders and the G7: Canada’s Global Moment

With the Canadian-hosted G7 around the corner (June 8-9), May is the perfect month to address Canada’s global leadership and to advocate on global health and education.

APRIL 2018

Mind the Gap! The Global Gap in Vaccine Coverage is a Gender Issue

On this World Health Day on April 7th and throughout World Immunization Week April 24th- 30th, let’s remind the Canadian government that improving vaccine coverage and ensuring that 19.4 million more children are reached with vaccines is at the core of the empowerment and equality of women and girls.

MARCH 2018

Wanted: Leaders for a TB-Free World

March 24th is World TB Day, an occasion to mobilize political and social commitment towards eliminating the TB epidemic. We need to demand that our global leaders stand up for a TB-free world.


Canada and the World: Celebrating International Development Week

Canadians are proud of their commitment to global development. However, Canada needs resources that match our ambitions.


New Year, New Opportunities: Education and Canada’s G7 Presidency

This month marks the beginning of Canada’s year-long G7 presidency. We must call on Canada to continue to champion support for education throughout its G7 presidency.


Strengthening Relationships and Setting the Stage for 2018

People need good nutrition, access to quality healthcare and education, and a variety of other fundamental services to survive and to thrive. Canada must increase its budget for international assistance, and for that to happen we need our MPs to take action.

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