A fully funded Global Fund will save 16 million lives

“The Global Fund is a true expression of Canada’s values—caring for one other, supporting those in need and improving the health of our global community, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable.”

– Government of Canada 2016

Investing in saving lives

Last month we kicked off our campaign for the replenishment of the Global Fund (GF) to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (see our January Call to Action for more info). Now it’s time to take it up a notch, intensify our actions and reach out to our leaders to ensure that Canada does its part to invest in the Global Fund for the 2019-2021 replenishment.

In January the Global Fund announced that it will be seeking US$14 billion to fulfill its needs for the sixth replenishment. With this renewed investment the Global Fund expects to:

  • Save an additional 16 million lives
  • Cut the death toll of the TB, HIV and malaria epidemics in half
  • See a return on investment: US$19 in health and economic gains for every US$1 invested
  • Strengthen health care systems
  • Tackle inequalities like gender and human rights

Canada has been investing in the Global Fund since it launched in 2002 – let’s make sure we continue! As the country’s biggest investment in global health, Canada’s longstanding commitment and investment towards the Fund has had strong support across Governments. The Fund is one of the best investments in health and well-being that we can make and an excellent example of effective international aid, and global collaboration.

Despite incredible progress, TB, HIV and malaria continue to be dangerous foes. Drug resistance, social determinants of health, regional crises and other challenges have increased our need to step up the fight. We are at risk of slipping backwards, and it is essential that the world come together to ambitiously work towards eradicating these epidemics.

Malaria up-close

Saybatou Moussa is a community health worker in Niger. She visits over 80 children a day, providing life-saving medicine to prevent and treat malaria. Children in this region suffer greatly from malaria, including her first child, who was left handicapped after falling ill. Malaria causes severe headaches, fevers, diarrhoea and vomiting and can quickly lead to life threatening complications like breathing problems and organ failure. This can happen in under 24 hours and most often affects young children under the age of five. Check out Sabatou’s video to see what the Global Fund is doing to support her fight against this preventable and treatable disease.

Latest campaign intel

  • The GF has released its investment case summary for 2019-2021 – have a look here.
  • Civil society groups and experts in Canada, including RESULTS Canada will be working in early February to establish a Canadian ask – what portion of the $14 billion we expect Canada to contribute. *Keep an eye on our website and in your emails for to-the-minute updates on this. This info will be great to have on hand for your MP meetings, letters to the editor and public outreach.
  • MP Engagement done by citizen advocates so far:
  • And many more actions are in the works! Did we miss your action? Make sure to track your actions with your group leader or Mélissa!


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