Political Engagement

RESULTS Canada staff engage with policy- and decision-makers by:

  1. Meeting with Parliamentarians to discuss our campaign issues
  2. Hosting public events to raise awareness for our campaign issues
  3. Taking key decision-makers on Parliamentary Delegations to see Canadian foreign aid investments at work
  4. Working with Members of Parliament to educate their colleagues on the importance and impact of Canadian investment in our issues

Parliamentary Delegation

RESULTS leads parliamentary delegations to educate decision-makers about the challenges associated with global poverty and the hope created by international development aid. We put a face on the statistics by travelling out into the field to meet families affected, to see firsthand how aid is working and how communities are benefitting, and to educate parliamentarians on where and how our $5 billion annual aid budget can have the most impact. Providing parliamentarians with the opportunity to speak directly with patients, health workers and decision makers has proven to be an effective way of engaging these decision-makers on the issue.
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