Canadians speak up in Washington DC

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 in Blog

(Pictured, left to right, Jean-François Tardif, Moustapha FAYE, Courtney Campbell, Shatabdi Banik and Vinay Dey)

Every year, hundreds of advocates gather in Washington DC for the RESULTS International Conference (IC) to learn, network and of course, advocate! The 2019 Canadian delegation had an Advocacy Day during the Conference where five active and passionate volunteers used the power of their voices to speak to representatives of the World Bank Group, the Canadian Embassy and the Asian Development Bank. Here’s what the volunteers had to say about their overall experience and why they’re encouraging all volunteers to consider attending the IC next year:

“It was empowering to be in an inclusive space with people from all over the world who all share the common goal to end poverty. The conference sessions taught conference attendees leadership skills, anti-oppression resources, inside peeks at advocacy work within international governments, and the objectives of influential NGOs. The IC will resonate with anyone who has a passion for advocacy, and is a great opportunity for all Canadian volunteers. Prior to the conference, I had never scheduled a meeting to advocate. I started my first meeting nervous and ended my last one proud. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend this conference and for the skills it has taught me that will endure throughout my life.” – Courtney Campbell

“I cannot explain how happy I was to attend this year’s IC, as it has helped me to take more actions with more confidence. The most influential part of the IC was being amongst so many people who are like me and who are actively seeking to help people from different parts of the world. I would definitely recommend others to attend because they will learn how others around the world are also working towards a harmonic society on behalf of people they never met. That for me is very inspirational and gives me an immense pride to be part of the RESULTS family. For me personally the best takeaway from the IC is that every action counts; nothing is too small.” – Shatabdi Banik

“The International Conference was organized very well and the speeches of the keynote speakers were  thought-provoking and motivational. The knowledge and energy of the fellow volunteers and staff was passed on to me. Our meetings on Advocacy Day were very informative and it was great to hear how each organization is working towards ending poverty through investing and prioritizing areas like social protection, health and education.  It was inspiring to be amongst dedicated people wanting to eradicate poverty and I hope that next year there will be even more volunteers from Canada.”  – Vinay Dey

“As a regular citizen and volunteer, I believe that it is important to raise your voice to support people living in poverty. I think that all active volunteers that are part of the RESULTS Canada family should take part in this international event. The opportunity to engage with people and the learning experience are vital. This event reminds me and strengthens my duty as a global citizen. This year was my fourth conference and once again, it sparked my curiosity to learn and share more experiences.” – Moustapha FAYE

“What I liked about the Conference was the diversity of countries represented. It made for a very rich experience.  I am very excited by the fact that citizen advocacy work is starting in new countries of the South like Sierra Leone. I am inspired by the difference we can make, as we can measurably improve the lives of people living in the poorest conditions. I do not know of any volunteer who has ever left the International Conference without a massive boost in energy and inspiration – all volunteers should attend!” – Jean-François Tardif

Bookmark and stay tuned for the 2020 IC details!

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