A different kind of gift for Christmas

Dec 13, 2018 in Activist Publications

It is said the Christmas shopping season starts in earnest right after American Thanksgiving. There are, however, two other dates that should put our Christmas shopping in perspective. Three days before Thanksgiving, World Toilet Day was reminding us that more than two billion people have nowhere to go to do their business. And this week, on Dec. 12, Universal Health Coverage Day reminded us that an even larger number of people do not have access to the basic elements of health care. When you line up at cash registers, fight to have the latest model of the hip-looking gadget or simply scratch your head to find yet another gift for your loved ones hoping it won’t later make its way to the Kijiji ads, remind yourself that on the other side of the planet, others only dream of a little dignity. Encourage our politicians to make this concern a priority as they prepare the upcoming federal budget, and consider making a donation to an international charity. Let’s make this Christmas meaningful!

Publication: Ottawa Citizen
Type: Letter to the editor
Author: Jean-François Tardif
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