PM should attend high-stakes meeting on tuberculosis

Sep 26, 2018 in Activist Publications

The high-intensity drama unfolding during the NAFTA talks should not make us forget that other crucial events are happening this month in the United States that require Canadian leadership. Indeed, on Sept. 26 at the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Ending Tuberculosis will be taking place. Heads of governments from around the world will gather to tackle what has now become, with nearly 1.7 million deaths, the leading infectious killer on the planet. The number of deaths caused by TB is still not declining and represents a mortality burden higher than malaria and AIDS combined. It is precisely a similar high-level meeting that allowed the world to turn the tide on HIV-AIDS a few years ago. Canada is uniquely positioned to lead the charge. In March of this year, the Canadian government announced that it would be eliminating TB across Inuit Nunangat by 2030, and that it intends to reduce active TB by at least 50 per cent by 2025. By attending this UN meeting, the prime minister will not only support the fight against this curable disease, but he will also encourage fellow leaders to follow suit. And this can finally create the political will to generate meaningful action around the world.

Publication: The Hill Times
Type: Letter to the editor
Author: Jean-Francois Tardif
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