Highlight global education at G7

Jun 02, 2018 in Activist Publications

Here in Canada, with schools and education at our fingertips, it seems beyond belief that 62 million children and youth globally are not in school. The majority are young women and girls. These kids are struggling to survive in conflict zones, refugee camps and crisisaffected countries. Children and youth are spending their entire lives displaced with no chance of an education. This, and other global challenges, will be addressed on June 8 and 9 at the G7 Summit, a world meeting which Canada is hosting this year in beautiful Charlevoix, Que. The heads of state of powerful countries will be there, making decisions that will, among other things, affect these 62 million children. We are one of those powerful countries. Together with our G7 partners, we can do a lot to help educate these children and give them a chance. My hope is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take the initiative of education for all children, especially girls and women with a commitment to new and substantive funding to the Declaration to Educate Girls in Crises. PM Trudeau spoke of the need to make meaningful investments toward educating girls and women in crisis settings. Here’s our chance to do so.

Publication: The Leader-Post (Regina)
Type: Letter to the editor
Author: Paulie Duhaime
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