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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 in Blog

By Mélissa Dubé, Public Engagement Organizer

On the evening of Saturday May 5th—following the first day of our biennial national conference—our conference attendees came together for a Brews and Bites soirée to celebrate RESULTS Canada’s remarkable citizen advocates. As the MC of the evening, it was my honour to give a voice to all the great nominations that were submitted by advocates across the country. In order to continue the celebration and recognition of all these incredible citizens, I’m happy to share with you the text that I read then. Congratulations to everyone again and thank you for your incredible energy and commitment towards RESULTS Canada and our shared goal of a more just world without poverty.

Special Mentions

Going the Extra Mile
To start us off, we wanted to kindly thank the following four individuals who are always ready and willing to help with projects, sharing their thoughts and ideas. Huge thanks to Gédéon Djissa, Pamela Walden-Landry, Agnès Rossignol and Jean-François Tardif! Your devotion and availability are more than appreciated and they do not go unnoticed every month!


King and Queen of Publications
As we all know, writing letters to editors (or often referred to as LTEs) are a big part of the advocacy work done by our engaged citizens. Combined, Connie Lebeau and Nathaniel Poole got published over 100 times in 2017 alone! Can’t wait to see their future publication stats and are grateful for the help they are providing to other volunteers!


Campus Leaders
As you know, not only do we have groups representing cities or regions, but we’re also lucky to be able to count campuses as part of the growing RESULTS movement in Canada. We want to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to the hardworking students who are notably leading the groups in the University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia and University of Manitoba!


Abitibi-Témiscamingue Group
Of course the Abitibi-Témiscamingue group gets recognized tonight as the group having the most television interviews. Their well-articulated interviews do a great job at giving visibility to RESULTS and the campaigns that we work for.  Congratulations!


Greater Toronto Area Group
On the other hand, here’s another group that excels in another area! The Greater Toronto Area group certainly succeeds at having meetings with Members of Parliament and at maintaining good relationships with them! I took a look at a list of past MP meetings and more than 50% of them in the past year or so had been held by members of the GTA group!


Victoria Group
This year marks the 32nd year of RESULTS being present in Canada. Since then, many groups and individuals have dedicated their time for many of those years. While the Victoria group has the record for the most letters sent to the media in 2017 with more than 1,825, they are also celebrating their 25th year with RESULTS!


Ottawa Group
And in case you didn’t know… the Ottawa group has been around a bit longer and is celebrating their 30th year! Congratulations and thank you!



Individual Recognition

Jeanette Aubin
Jeanette Aubin of the Victoria group has been an active volunteer, hosting all of the group’s meetings in her building for over a decade. Her generosity has given the Victoria group a lovely hub for Education & Action meetings, regional conferences, and some wonderful gatherings—all leading to a world without poverty.


Dina Batoul
Dina Batoul of the Mississauga Greater Toronto Area group is sweet and gentle, yet powerful in her expression and commitment. The Members of Parliament she meets with are impressed by her quiet determination. RESULTS Canada is lucky to have her strength and courage fighting to end poverty!


Moustapha Faye
Moustapha Faye of the Quebec City Group is a very devoted and engaged citizen. He is an expert in current and international affairs and he brings his knowledge and passion to the group. Everyone is impressed by his local involvement, his desire to help and by the way he succeeds in engaging his MPs. Moustapha knows how to get results!


Roshelle Filart
Roshelle Filart of the Greater Toronto Area group has an amazing heart and commitment with a focus and attention to detail for each of RESULTS Canada’s actions. She helps to collect information, regularly collaborates with local agencies to support the work of our citizen advocates, and always brings cookies to her group’s meetings.


Moneca Gabriel
Moneca Gabriel of the Victoria group, formerly of the Ottawa group, has been with RESULTS Canada since its earliest days. She was the person who introduced Anita Mark and Oliver Mark to RESULTS Canada, contributing to the longevity it enjoys today. Moneca is a truly a caring citizen advocate. She is currently in the hospital facing a grave illness and we’re keeping her in our hearts. Please make sure to go to the photo booth and take photos with the signs we made for her!

Mohammad Hayat
Despite how busy Mohammad Hayat is, he always prioritizes the Mississauga monthly meetings. Mohammad is a motivating and inspiring citizen advocate who is eager to help in any way that he can. Thank you!


AKM Kamal Kamaluddin
Kamal is an invaluable member of the Greater Toronto Area volunteer group. Kamal brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge about education and development having served as Chief of Education, Youth Development for UNICEF in Kenya. As an engaged citizen, he is a passionate advocate for universal access to quality education and has met with many MPs in the GTA. He regards himself as privileged to work alongside dedicated Canadian citizen advocates and regularly urges his own network of retired UN professionals to join RESULTS Canada. He has also served on our Board of Directors for two years.

Inez Kelly
Inez Kelly of the Greater Toronto Area group is greatly appreciated for her drive that keeps her group motivated and active. Inez is a passionate, optimistic, committed citizen advocate who is taking charge to make change with her meetings with Members of Parliament and speaking opportunities all across Southern Ontario!


Connie Lebeau
Connie Lebeau is an amazing part of the Victoria group. Many of her letters to the editor are printed nationwide and she appeared in a video with Anita Mark promoting RESULTS Canada on a local television station.  As a choir director, as well as an outstanding singer and musician, Connie has led the Victoria group in singing at conferences in British Columbia and in Washington.


Sherry Moran
Sherry Moran deserves recognition for her inspiring energy and attitude. She brings a fresh outlook and enthusiasm to the Ottawa group. Sherry has pursued a relationship with her Member of Parliament with diligence and tenacity.  She shows leadership in the group by following up on their promises and taking charge of being their conscience.  Sherry has had success in having her Member of Parliament champion our issues and getting her letters to the editor published!

Nathalie Rey
Nathalie Rey of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue group deserves to be recognized for her excellent communication skills that she notable uses to write letters to the media. Furthermore, she brings new members to the group and she always makes sure that the group has space to meet!


Marnie Shaw
Marnie Shaw of the Calgary group is new to RESULTS Canada, but she’s already a pro. She joined the Calgary group in 2017 and is already in active communication with a Member of Parliament who she had arranged a meeting with, and brought guests with her to a fundraiser. Since the beginning of 2018, Marnie has already written over 60 letters to Members of Parliament and got her first publication!


We ended the celebration with handing 3 awards to inspiring individuals. Stay tuned for a blog showcasing each one of these recipients. In the meantime, my warmest congratulations again to them!

  • Pamela Walden-Landry – John Hotson Award
  • Larry Ladell – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Anita Mark – Lifetime Achievement Award
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