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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 in Blog

Despite the festive season, December was no time for slowing down. Our citizen advocates took this opportunity to celebrate the holidays and New Year, and now it’s our turn to celebrate THEM! Congratulations to the entire citizen advocate family. Over the past year, your hard work has resulted in raising awareness around our issues, in mobilizing funds for essential programs, and in positively changing the lives of people worldwide. 2015 has been an impressive and ground-breaking year and you should be incredibly proud of how you have contributed to it. Cheers to 2016, and to all the change it will bring!

Group Highlights

December Social Events: Across the country our groups gathered to celebrate a year of successful advocacy, and take action together.  We could feel the warmth and fun of your gatherings from afar as we saw tweets and photos of your festivities. A few groups did a one-dollar gift exchange, which resulted in the exchange of apples, happiness jars, and Peruvian key chains, to name a few. There was lots of good cheer spread! Ottawa Group Xmas 2015 Ottawa Group: The Ottawa group had some really excellent publications including this one by Stephen, which was published in the Ottawa Citizen and is a very compelling account of taking action around Universal Children’s Day. Quebec Group: The Quebec group is the proud member of our newest RESULTS Canada advocate. Moustapha had a baby and the Quebec group has now grown by one!  They also had two publications, which were jointly written by two of their members.  Bravo! uOttawa Group: We’re taking action and raising our numbers! The University of Ottawa Community Service Learning students put together an event to raise awareness and advocate around the Global Goals. They also hosted three booths before the event to talk with students about the Goals. Through these actions, they recruited three students to be involved with the group in the New Year and both of the students who organized the event have pledged to continue their volunteering with RESULTS Canada. The notes that came out of the event’s discussions are going to be sent to their Member of Parliament along with the Global Goals photos that they took on campus.

Published Letters

Congratulations to all of the amazing advocates that have been published recently. These passionate and dedicated writers have used their voices to bring our issues to the public and decision makers. Thank you so much for your dedication to advocacy and spreading the word. A special thanks to our prolific authors, including: Agnès Rossignol, 4 Annie Cloutier, 1 Bob Smith, 1 Nathaniel Poole, 4 Pamela Walden-Landry, 1 Stephen St Denis, 2 Published a letter but don’t see your name here? Let us know by logging in to your profile and updating the publications database!
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