Kids explain the importance of taking action to end extreme poverty

Friday, December 18th, 2015 in Blog

DSC_3645 On Friday, December 11th, RESULTS Canada hosted an advocacy training session with 18 young students in Grade 5 and 6. The students learned about extreme poverty and the impacts that living on $1.25 a day has on children’s health, nutrition, and education globally. Inspired by the many challenges that 1.2 billion people face, the students took action by writing to Bryan May, their Member of Parliament, and sent 24 postcards from their classroom to May’s office. As they prepared their postcards, the students had time to answer some questions…

Why is it important to end extreme poverty?

“It is important, because nobody wants to be poor and have no home or enough money to support their families and that is really sad. But I am happy to know that there are people at my school like me and my classmates and campaigns to help poverty like Free the Children and RESULTS Canada. But I think it is really unfair that some people done [sic] have what I have. I would love to help people STOP poverty. Nobody should be in poverty.” “Because the people that live in extreme poverty are just like us. They are human, they bleed and fall down, and it is just not nice to leave them there.” “It is important to end extreme poverty because then much more families will have water, education, food and medical health.” “So that people’s lives would be easier and they can succeed in whatever they want to do.” “It is important because it’s not very fair to hear that someone is struggling to pay taxes, education etc.. If we don’t end this things will probably become worse.” “So that everyone is equal.” “I think it is important to end extreme poverty because they are human beings and they should have the same rights as us.” “Nobody deserves to live like that.”

Why is it important for you to take action to make a difference?

“Because we are all the same and we’re like sisters and brothers. If you saw your sister sick you would go and help them. That is why it is important to make a change in the world!” “It is important because then if you give help more people might join in and soon you could probably have a whole city, province etc… Maybe if you do get a group and make a difference it will make a change in other people’s lives.” “Because if nobody did anything then nothing would change.” “It would be good for you to help people without anyone asking for you to help. That would be a real difference.” “It is important because there are holes in the earth where things are not going right and if no one steps up it will get worse every day.” “Because if nobody makes a difference then nothing will change so there will still be extreme poverty in our world.” “I think it is really important to take action and make a difference because you can help 1.2 billion people by just doing one little thing.” “I think it is important because if we all thought that we didn’t have to do anything the world would be a mess, and because if one person does something other people will get inspired and help so soon poverty would end for good.” “If you can make a difference then you should.”
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