The Number One Killer of People With HIV

As advocates, we often like to use analogies to explain the scourge of pandemics like HIV: It’s a runaway train with no conductor, a loaded gun in the hands of a madman, a tide that needs to be turned. The…

War on HIV, malaria and TB can be won, Gates says as Ottawa boosts aid

The long battle to rid the world of three scourges – HIV, tuberculosis and malaria – is slowly being won and significant progress can be expected over the next few years, says Bill Gates, the billionaire philanthropist and driving force…

Canada increases donations to fight HIV, malaria and tuberculosis

Canada is increasing its contribution to the Global Fund established to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis by more than 20 per cent. That will bring this country’s new commitment to the fund to $650-million over three years –up from $500-million…
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