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April 9, 2014
RESULTS Canada supports Canada’s Continued Commitment to Eradicating Polio (more...)

March 31, 2014
Don't miss Sunday's National Call - April 6th, 7 pm ET (more...)

March 24, 2014
World TB Day Statement (more...)

March 21, 2014
Big Changes are coming our Way! (more...)

March 13, 2014
We want you to Live Below the Line! 28 April to 2 May (more...)


March 27, 2014
World TB Day - let's put a stop together
Yorkton News Review
Bruno Marquis

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RESULTS Canada is a national network of volunteers. We are committed to creating the political will to end global poverty and needless suffering, and to demonstrating that individuals make a difference when they exercise their political influence.

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April 2014

Canada and GAVI

Protecting children from preventable deaths through vaccines and immunizations

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Everyday Heroes

Nina Emefa
Nina Emefa, Gatineau volunteer
"Let us not believe that extreme poverty has always existed and will continue to do so. A gesture from anyone can make a difference. Drops of water form an ocean."
Fran Beckow
Fran Beckow, Victoria volunteer
"I have gained a sense of making a difference in a small but real way. I have gained knowledge about the issues. I have learned to speak and write about the issues that have troubled me."
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